There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance.
— Socrates

You've been fed a bunch of garbage.. 

The conventional Standard American Diet (SAD) wreaked havoc on my life. Following the USDA nutritional dogma: high in refined carbs, low in fat), led me to weight gain and a diminished mental state. After changing how and what I ate, I started to feel better and see positive changes in my body. 

Research shows there's been a statistically significant increase in obesity, diabetes, and heart disease in the USA and globally. Nearly 70% of adults are overweight or obese; 35% are considered to be obese and more than 6% have extreme obesity--and these are just adult statistics! The kids are a mess too! 

What has led to this epidemic? Well, let's take a birds-eye view of the current food system in this country: starting with the food pyramid, a majority of calories for the average American is coming from processed, refined carbohydrates (grains, pasta, cookies, muffins, bread, corn, etc.). The average person who watches any form of media, be it TV or internet based, is bombarded with deceptive food marketing enticing them to eat unhealthy, calorically dense, addictive (high salt, high fat, high carb) foods. There are fast food chains everywhere, especially in poor neighborhoods. Sugar-sweetened food and drinks are everywhere. The shelves of most grocery stores that average Americans have access to are filled with chemically processed and preserved foods, artificially colored and flavored foods, foods loaded with hydrogenated oils and High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS), and animal meats loaded with antibiotics and steroids from CAFOs.

Research also shows that refined carbohydrates, not fat, are what has led to this epidemic of obesity. 99% of human civilization has been spent as hunter/gatherers. It wasn't until the agricultural revolution that humans began supplementing their diets with lots of grains, mainly wheat and corn. The human body was not designed to eat a diet rich in grains, nor was it designed to eat a diet rich in refined, junk foods that make up a large portion of the modern American diet. Refined carbs are destructive to the body, addictive, and fattening. Not only has this type of diet led to obesity, but it has also led to the prevalence of many so called "Western" diseases such as heart disease; many types of cancers, especially colon; and diabetes to name a few. Studies have shown that people who have subsisted on their natural, native diet (e.g. Pima Indians) and then have adopted a more Western style, American diet have a significant increase in the aforementioned diseases. The Western diet literally destroys them from the inside out.

The Standard American Diet will continue to wreak havoc on our personal health as well as global health since Western diet, particularly fast food chains, continue to pervade and negatively influence more traditional cultures. The research proves that a diet high in refined carbohydrates as well as a diet of caloric excess, is a leading cause of our nations obesity and health epidemic. Drastic measures need to be taken in order to create a paradigm shift. That means not only do we as a people need to adopt a healthy lifestyle, but the nation's food guidelines need to change accordingly.

One of the main goals of Think Right, Eat Well: Thrive, is to educate, excite and engage people about a healthy lifestyle. I want to democratize health and wellness for people, so they're empowered to take back their health. A healthy lifestyle shouldn't be cost prohibitive. It shouldn't be elitist. It shouldn't be inaccessible. It shouldn't be complicated or convoluted. It shouldn't be a weird, restrictive "diet." It shouldn't be socially awkward. It shouldn't require expensive supplements. The more knowledge people have about the how, what, and why of eating, then the more likely they will be to stick to a healthy lifestyle long term and, in turn, spread their knowledge to help others who may be struggling. It's not impossible for people to change their ways, especially if they like what they're doing and are seeing results. I, for one, changed my ways and have benefited greatly because of it. And, I have helped others change their ways for the better. But, the only way we can create a paradigm shift in global health is if we are all aligned on what constitutes a healthy diet. There's way too much conflicting information on the internet. We all have to be in this together for the greater good. There needs to be less focus on vanity dieting (e.g. Instagram fitness models) and more focus on adopting a practical lifestyle that will optimize someone's health, prevent disease, and/or reverse disease.  If you end up with a six pack as a by product of living healthily, then good for you--but that shouldn't be the focus. The only way to optimize our selves is through discipline and consistency. There are no shortcuts. I promise you. I've tried them all and they're all dead ends. Trust me. Trust the TREWTh.

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Peace, Love & Light,


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