Work Smart, Not Hard

This is not to say people shouldn't work physically hard jobs. I respect any person with a learned trade that’s passionate about what they do. But, whether you work in an office or on an oil rig, you can employ certain tactics in order to gain efficiency:

  1. Prioritize tasks
  2. Delegate work
  3. Take breaks every so often
  4. If you’re in an office setting, try alternating between standing and sitting; I personally stand at my desk and feel great doing so
  5. When you’re engaged, stay engaged; don’t succumb to distractions (i.e. browsing the internet)
  6. Stay organized: If you’re in an office, have a clean and organized desk. If you’re in the field, keep your tools organized and easily accessible

Being organized is key to efficiency. It's been said that a messy workplace is an outward expression of an internal condition. So take care to declutter, prioritize, and make sense of your work so that you can execute optimally.